Our Programs

At One Dog, we keep our obedience programs simple and fun.

We offer an Basic Home Life program that covers the 7 basic POSITIVE commands (sit, stay, come, down, bed, walk on leash & your password), while eliminating your dog’s unwanted NEGATIVE behaviors as well (pulling on the leash, running out the door, jumping on people, grabbing food off the counters, etc). Some people call this our on-leash program because you’ll still have the safety net of having the dog on a leash.

We also offer an Off-Leash Life program for families who want the freedom of total control over their dog at home and at the park, in the quiet and with dozens of distractions…all without a leash (because the dog obeys immediately no matter what!)

Both programs are simple, straight-forward and the most effective way to set up a lifelong partnership of learning and training for you two.

As a bonus option, we also offer the Accelerator program where, for an additional fee, you can reduce your frustration 10-fold by training your dog completely in just 7-10 days instead of drawing it out over weeks and weeks of lessons.

Just so that you have everything you need, All of our programs Also Provide…

+ Specialized Training Collar ($25 Value)

+ Specialized Training Leash ($20 Value)

+ Access to Potty-Training-Guide ($97 Value)

+ Six Months of Behavioral Insurance ($399 Value)

+ Six Months of Group Classes ($499 Value)

+ Six Months of Pack Walks ($249 Value)

+ Discounted Maintenance Programs ($100 Off)

+ 24/7 Phone/Text Support for 4 weeks ($199 Value)

+ Certificate of Completion ($25 Value)