One Dog Training is looking to hire & train an enthusiastic dog lover to help us train families (and their dogs) in the basic household commands.

*No previous dog training experience required*

*And no, we don’t typically work with mean dogs...just friendly, but disobedient ones*


One Dog Training is on a mission to help families with dogs thrive by teaching them the 6 basic commands and getting rid of the most common problem behaviors.  

Our clients don’t want to be *that family* in the park with the uncontrollable dog, but instead want to be “that family” that just strides along in the neighborhood with dogs who obey every command so that they can enjoy the beautiful day (instead of wrestling with the unruly canine who is pulling on the leash and trying to chase every squirrel.)  Make sense?

This is a really cool job, and we really love the team we’ve built so far.  We love our clients to death and love seeing families changed so quickly.. And most of all, we love working with these eager pups who just want to understand what their families are trying to saying to them.

As you can see, this work has a really substantial impact on the lives of these families, bringing a household from stressful and chaotic, to peaceful and happy...within just a few sessions.  It’s a lot easier than you might think.


Imagine getting to:

- Play with & train dozens of dogs and puppies of all kinds in any given month,

- Train and interact with dog owners of all kinds (who desperately want your help),

- Finally understand basic canine behavior and being able to train a dog to simply obey,

- Work with the hottest obedience training company in the Mid-South

- Hear your friends say, “Oh what a cool job!” when you tell them what you do now,

- Join our growing community of dog families - in homes, in parks & our social media groups

- Make a whopping $30+ an hour!


Here are a few details:

- After interviewing and a few ride-alongs to ensure that we are a good match...

- You’d start a training program, about 20-30 paid hours a week, that includes watching our Master Dog Trainer, Corey, train families & their dogs in homes and in parks, while you watch additional dog training videos online at home (just like you’d study at home for any new job),

- As long as you are passing the written knowledge tests based on the videos, and showing competency with the dogs and families as tasks are passed off to you, then there is plenty of room for growing into doing your own in-home visits, and even doing full-time house.


We are legitimately getting more calls each week from families who need our help than we can handle, and we couldn’t be more pleased!  We really (actually!) want to reach as many households as we can.

To keep growing at this pace, each team member is focused on doing their part without much management, so that the whole team, the dogs and the families all get what they want.  So, we are looking for the next teammate who ideally will be smart, driven & naturally motivated to help others, with the ability to work independently (once trained).


Because we are a fast-growing startup, all of jobs morph and evolve to make it all work, so your responsibilities would include, but are not limited to:

*Meeting with clients on a weekly basis to training them & their dogs so that they can live a more enjoyable life together,

*Taking pictures/videos of clients dog’ to share our social media platforms,

*Calling prospective clients and booking your appointments for the week,

*Explaining our dog training programs to see which one they want, upselling the supplies to go with our services and getting contracts completely filled out before sending to HQ,

*Doing the mundane, but critical admin work required of any job like, logging appointments in the shared calendar, taking payments, filling out program graduation certificates, etc


  • We want to do work that actually matters. You will be having a direct impact on the quality of our client’ lives.  (If you’ve ever had an unruly dog, you know what we mean).

  • We love working with dogs.  LOTS of dogs. Big, small, cute, ugly, young & old.

  • We love beating the competition and being a part of something new, hot and cool.  You will literally be a part of the fasting-growing dog training company in the Mid-South.

  • When work is really fun...well, it’s fun...and so we wake up looking forward to it.

  • Again, we love the team we’ve built.  We don’t see each other daily because we are all over town doing our thing, but we love it when we do get to connect for lunch or meetings.

  • We love being part of a small team with a vision that honestly can change, ok maybe not the whole world, but the world of the families we help.  That’s just gives us a sense of pride.

  • We all get paid ridiculously well, but even better, we are all working to develop ourselves as people to grow our company and our personal lives.  You will grow into a better version of you by merely being around all of us. No kidding.

  • Who ever thought of being a flippin’ dog trainer?  How fun to learn all new skill sets, right? You’ll learn more about how to handle all kinds of phone calls, how to direct people to the training program that is best for them, how to manage 1000 customer service situations...oh, and how to train dogs and their families!


Here’s what will be required of our new team member.  

  1. You must be aligned with our mission to want to help dog families thrive.

  2. You must have had 2+ years of steady employment.

  3. You must have amazing customer service and be naturally hospitable.

  4. You must be very disciplined, on-time, LOVE to learn & be motivated to succeed.

  5. You must love dogs and have no fear of them in the least.  (You will need no professional dog training experience however.)

  6. You must have reliable and nice-looking vehicle which you can proudly park in the driveway of an upper class home and which can get you anywhere in a 50 mile radius

  7. You must have a decent driving record.

  8. You must be coachable and be willing to follow protocols. We love all new ideas and each personality on the team, but there are a handful of things that must be done EXACTLY as they are taught to you without variation or “putting your spin on it” so if this would drive you crazy, this might not be for you.

None of these are up for negotiation.  If this sounds like you, then please keep reading as we really are going to train someone to be a pro dog trainer if they are the right person.  If not, then to save us both time and please do not apply because you would be exposed on the first ride day.  


Will being a dog trainer be fun? Most of the time.

Will working for One Dog Training be lucrative? Absolutely.

Will working for us be exciting at many times as you change the world for dog owners? Of course!

Will it be easy? Of course not.  That’s why we are paid the big bucks & get so many calls.

Think of our company like a sports team: It’s a blast, and glorious, and pays great, but it requires a lot of discipline and hard work and technical skills.  Each member on the team takes our work very, very seriously. We are here to make life enjoyable for dog owners and change the world for them and their dogs.

If you have the right personality and mind-set, you will love this job. But…


*Our master dog trainer has uber high standards. If you don’t as well, he will drive you insane.

*We live and die by deadlines and customer service. Keeping our promises is what makes us next-level. These deadlines and the customer service are sacred and I am merciless about this.

*You will need to be fairly self-directed and really organized. There will be some structure, but not as much as a regular job, so you need to be self-directed, disciplined & organized.

*This business requires lots of coaching. So you must be good at being coached and learning from others.



If you made it this far, we at least know you are read, can endure a 4 page recruiting ad and think that you are please, we are eager to talk to anyone who thinks that they would make a good fit on our team.

Click the button below to tell me about yourself and we’ll be in contact soon.

Got a quick clarifying question before you start the application process?