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Dog training made simple

To make things easy on you and your dog, we offer just three dog training programs. All of our dog training programs take place in-Home and some of our programs go beyond the walls of your home and we venture into the Memphis area.

The three dog training programs we offer:

  • Home Life Essential Obedience

  • Transformation Academy

  • Training Wheels Puppy Program

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What we do

We help you enjoy life with your dog

Dogs are mans best friend. At One Dog Obedience Training we want to help you and your dog become best friends and you to truly enjoy life with your dog.

One Dog Obedience Training programs will train your dog faster, more reliably and your dog will have more fun training with us!

No matter what issues you are having with your dog, we can help.

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a little about me and why i do what i do...

I want to help as MANY people start to enjoy life with their dogs as possible.

I want to show you that your dog training is FUN and your dog is trainable.

As a dog trainer, even I have issues with my own dog from time to time. I know it’s frustrating dealing with a dog that doesn’t listen. I have been there before, so I want to help you enjoy life with your dog.

It would be wrong of me to not use this skill I possess to transform the relationship you have with your dog.

Unlike other trainers, dog training is not a 9-5 for me, it is my life. 

This isn't just about the money to me. To most other trainers, training is just a money thing to them. This is about using my skill to help other people enjoy their dogs like I enjoy mine not just making a quick buck like some Memphis trainers.

If I do a good job, ideally, you would tell a few friends about One Dog Obedience Training and come see us with your next dog. 

I can read dogs.

I am kind of a show off. My training speaks for itself and I know that I can train your dog faster and more reliably than other trainers. And, your dog will have more fun training with me!

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thumbtack top pro

We are proud to announce that we recently got labeled as the Top Pro for dog training here in Memphis, TN as of July 2018.

Only 4% of Pros on Thumbtack make it as a Top Pro.